Power for the Generations
to come

Mespil Solar Limited

Mespil Solar Limited is an Irish owned company. Since 2013 we have been developing utility-scale solar parks in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Mespil Solar’s management team have a proven track-record of delivering solar parks – from initial site selection, land leasing and regulatory approvals to farm and facility build-out and grid connection. To date we have developed, built, and sold several solar parks in the UK.

Now the company’s focus is to develop 600 Mw (Megawatts) of solar energy in Europe over the course of the next four years for delivery into the European grid. This would establish the Company as a substantial provider of renewable electric power in the market. We have a strong experienced team who work closely with our partners to provide fully funded, high quality solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the renewable energy sector. We will achieve this by utilising the latest technology and coupling this with our environmental strategy of developing multi use sites in harmony with nature.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver clean renewable, sustainable power for the generations to come. We understand at Mespil Solar that trust is a critical element to building relationships with all of our clients. We work hard daily to earn and strengthen this, staying committed to helping our investors make educated renewable investment decisions.

What we offer

Mespil Solar can provide an end-to-end development service under which we can develop, construct and manage energy schemes, providing the right balance of renewable options and incorporating the latest technology.

• Grid Applications
- Offer a complete grid connection acquisition service
- Established relationships with grids at designer and delivery level
- Facilitate connection to the electricity network

• Land Appraisals and Funding
- Undertake feasibility studies
- Offer advice on funding with a range of possibilities
- Secure finance for solar farms

• Local Community Consultations
- Commitment to engaging with the local community
- Early and open dialogue with local people about our plans

• Planning Applications
- Excellent track record of successful planning applications for large scale solar projects
- Development team has extensive experience of planning & zoning in Ireland, UK and Europe
- Proactively manage planning applications for projects


Following a successful planning application, we provide a design, procurement, and construction package specialising in large scale renewable energy schemes. Our expertise extends across a range of renewable energy technologies.

Operations and Maintenance

Our services include:
• Management of accreditation and registration
• Performance monitoring, defect analysis and fault diagnosis
• Annual inspection and maintenance
• Security
• Landscape management

Who we work with

We maintain excellent working relations with all the equipment and service providers necessary for the development, build-out and operation of Solar Parks.